During FENCA Congress 2017 FENCA's Director General seized the opportunity to introduce FENCA to a broader audience. In a live interview with Bloomberg TV Dr. Andreas Bücker spoke about FENCA, the Association's relevance and mission for the European debt collection industry and gave first hand insights into future developments of the European debt collection and debt purchase markets.

Media coverage of FENCA Congress 2017 in Sofia was marvellous. Especially the Bulgarian media widely reported about the most important meeting of the European debt collection and receivables management industry in 2017. The event was covered on all national televisions, newspapers and online media. A special highlight was the live interview with Dr. Andreas Bücker, Director General of FENCA, broadcasted on Bloomberg TV BG.

Dr. Andreas Bücker seized the opportunity to speak about FENCA in general, key challenges for debt collection business in Europe and outlined opportunities for debt collection and debt purchase on European markets. Of course he also mentioned  FENCA's most important but also most challenging project right now: FENCA's Code of Conduct for GDPR.

The whole interview can be found here.