Finnish Association Suomen Perimistoimistjoen Liitto joins FENCA

FENCA - Federation of European National Collection Associations is delighted to announce that Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto, representing the Finish credit servicing, purchasing and collection industry, has joined as a full member.

Commenting on this announcement Claus Spedtsberg, President of FENCA, said:

“We are very happy to welcome Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto to the FENCA family and I am very pleased that FENCA now extends also to the very North of the European Union. Given the numerous challenges in the ever faster changing economic and regulatory environments in Europe, it is important to speak with one voice to highlight the importance of our industry in finding receivables management solutions that benefits businesses and consumers alike.”

Commenting on this, Tero Kantelinen, President of Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto, stated:

“Suomen Perimistoimistojen Liitto is very pleased and proud to be the newest member of FENCA. This will give our members the welcome opportunity to bring our views and expertise into the discussion with stakeholders and members in other European markets to help shape the future of the industry on EU level.”

FENCA members subscribe to continuously improve business standards and good practices within the sector across the EU, in order to provide the best possible service to creditors, clients and consumers alike.